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How to Choose Profitable Niche for AdSense Site?

To make money with an AdSense site, you need to generate many clicks on low-paying ads or a few clicks on high-paying ads.
Although it is possible to earn money from.
AdSense in almost any niche, profitable keywords pay more money per click, if you know what kind of ads to host, you can make more money from your site with less traffic.
You'll still need to generate the right kind of traffic for your site, but these eight niches have some of the highest costs-per-click and best payouts for publishers.

Law firms constantly compete for clients and have huge advertising budgets, so they are willing to pay a lot to get potential clients to click on their ads Some law specialties are more profitable than others, so you'll make more money if your site focuses on a practice area that involves either high-paying clients or large monetary awards.
General practice law firms pay less per click than those that cater to wealthy clients, handle high-profile cases, manage trust funds and estates or that represent people in personal injury cases.

The number of chiropractors and the number of people seeking chiropractic treatment with conditions from back pain to migraines are growing.
Chiropractors need to advertise the benefits of their services and to educate people on the conditions they can treat.
They also need to draw prospective patients to their websites, so they are willing to bid high for ad placement.

Mortgages are expensive, long-term transactions, and “mortgage" is one of the most- searched keywords online.
Once a broker gets a client to complete a mortgage application, the client typically makes payments for 25 years or more.
This long-lasting relationship can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The fierce competition for customers among mortgage brokers results in expensive ads and higher payouts.

Insurance contracts also involve thousands of dollars, and people often stay with their insurance company for years or decades.
Health, auto and life insurance policies are expensive, and people are always looking for better deals so they can save money.
Insurance is a highly-searched keyword, which makes this a competitive term with a higher price per click.

Fashion is a profitable niche whether it involves home decor, high-end clothing and accessories or even industry news and trends.
Expensive luxury goods like watches, leather goods and home furnishings will always be profitable niches.
Designers, distributors and retailers all pay well for ads that entice people to spend their disposable income.

Retirement and Senior Living.
Retirement homes, care facilities and services marketed to senior citizens are booming industries.
Aging is inevitable and as the average life expectancy continues to rise, the industry continues to grow.
Retirement communities, assisted living facilities and products designed for the aging population can all provide profitable keywords and ads for niche sites.

Credit and Loans.
People who need credit or loans are always searching for good deals and low interest rates, while lending institutions are always trying to get consumers to apply for more credit or transfer their balances.
Consequently, credit cards, loans and micro-lending transactions such as payday loans are always money-makers The high number of monthly searches on credit- and loan-related keywords combined with the enormous profits these companies make results in high payouts for ads for their products.

Financial Services.
Financial managers and advisers serve people who have money to invest and who need advice.
Clients pay them to invest their funds, earn profits and generate long-term income.

Many of these investments are retirement accounts, so clients pay well for competent management and protection of their assets.


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