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Avoid These 4 Common Google Adsense Mistakes

If you are trying to drive traffic to your website or blog, you may be thinking about enrolling in the Google AdSense program.
Google AdSense can be an effective way to grow traffic and build your brand, but only if you do it the right way.
Success with the Google AdSense program requires more than just doing the right things.
If you are to succeed and get the results you want, you also need to avoid doing the wrong thing.
The good news is that you can learn from the mistakes of others who have gone before you and avoid making the same blunders.
Whether you are new to Google, AdSense or have been using it for years, it is important to avoid these common mistakes.

Poor Keyword Research.
Keywords are part and parcel of the Google AdSense program, but a shocking number of program participants do not frilly understand what they are or how they work.
If you are unwilling or unable to understand keyword research, your chances of success with Google AdSense are slim indeed.
Many newcomers to Google AdSense choose keywords based on their payout per click alone.
This is a big mistake, and it can lead to a lot of dead-ends and false starts A better approach is to focus on natural keywords that relate well to your niche.
Researching the keywords that actually brought current visitors to your site can also help you hone and foe us your content more effectively.

Ineffective Use of Ads.
It is often easy to pick out the AdSense newbies simply by looking at their site design.
Many newcomers to the Google AdSense program place their ads solely on the sidebars of the page, where viewers have to work hard to find and click them.
A more effective way to place ads is to mixthem into the text itself.
Placing a series of rectangular ads within the posts can greatly increase conversion rates and make the ads more effective.
Ad placement alone will not make you succeed, however. It is important that the ads blend well with the surrounding text. If the ads are totally unrelated to the subject of your website or blog, you probably will not see good results.
It also helps to make the ad titles the same color as the other links in your site.
The more the ads blend into the background, the more successful they can be.
A neutral color like blue works well for both normal links and.

AdSense ads.
Overloading the site with ads is another common newbie mistake.
If your page appears to be nothing but a list of ad dicks, visitors will quickly abandon the site and look for what they need elsewhere.
Experienced AdSense users have learned to strike the proper balance between ads and quality content, and newcomers need to learn that balance as well.

Lack of Focus.
The Internet is very much a niche business, and failing to narrow the focus is a common mistake AdSense newcomers make.
Many people think that simply publishing a ton of content will get them the conversions they need, but taking that approach can actually be counterproductive.
In most cases, it is better to focus on a handful of targeted keyword pages and focus on making those pages as good as they can be.
Quality trumps quantity every time, and in the end quality content should lead to a better conversion rate.

Avoiding these mistakes can put you miles away when using Google AdSense to build your brand and boost your website or blog visits.
People have been using AdSense for some time now, and the established history makes it easier for those just getting started to do it right the first time.


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